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Frequently Asked Questions

Using a GoPass® Tap Card

How GoPass® Tap Works

How is GoPass® Tap different from the current fare system?
GoPass® Tap is simply a better way to pay your fare.

With GoPass® Tap:

  • You tap your GoPass® Tap Card on the GoPass reader at the rail station platform or on board the bus every time you board.
  • You can protect your balance from loss or theft by registering your card on the GoPass website.
  • Instead of buying passes in advance, you earn them as you go. You’ll never pay more than the price of a day pass in one day, or the price of a monthly pass in one month.
  • You can transfer to any DART provided service to complete your journey. Just remember to tap your GoPass® Tap Card on the reader before boarding the train or bus.

Do I have to get a GoPass® Tap Card?
No — you can still use cash, and you can continue buying your fare the way you’re used to. But GoPass® Tap lets you save money by earning a day or month pass as you ride, so you never pay more than you have to, and you don’t have to commit to buying a pass in advance. GoPass® Tap also offers lost-card protection when you register, which safeguards your balance in case of loss or theft. So no, you don’t have to get a GoPass® Tap Card, but we think you’ll want to!

Should I register my GoPass® Tap Card?
One of the best features of GoPass® Tap is that your money is protected in case your card is lost or stolen. But if you want this protection, you need to register your card first. (And remember to report your lost/stolen card as soon as you can!) If you need to manage multiple cards for a family or group, we’ve made it really easy to do so at the GoPass® Tap website.

Are there fees or service charges?
There are no regular fees or service charges for using GoPass® Tap. However, there is a $6 one-time charge for a new that provides $6 for use on DART buses and trains.

Is my financial information secure?
Yes. Your personal data and bank information is in a secure database and not on the card itself. Additionally, DART does not store your credit or debit card information. Is it safe and sound with the bank system that processes those payments.

What personal information does GoPass® Tap collect?
If you choose to register your GoPass® Tap Card we will ask for your first and last name, your zip code, and your email address. We will also ask you to choose a password to keep your account secure. We use your anonymous travel data (viewed in aggregate with other riders’ trips) to look at broad ridership trends and help us improve our service. And we use your transaction data to help you when you contact us with a question about your account.

How do fare inspectors check fares with GoPass® Tap?
Fare inspectors carry handheld devices that can scan your GoPass® Tap Card, ticket or phone to make sure you have a valid fare. They will also ask for ID for proof of eligibility if you’re using a reduced fare. Remember that tapping is your proof of payment — that’s why it’s important to do it every time you board and transfer.

Do I need a smartphone or internet to use GoPass® Tap?
Nope! You can reload your GoPass® Tap Card at the store, over the phone or in person at your transit agency’s ticket office.

I’m just visiting the Dallas area. Do I need a GoPass® Tap Card?
Welcome! No, but if you’re going to be in town for a while and you expect to ride frequently, you may want to get a GoPass® Tap Card so you don’t pay more than you have to. Enjoy your visit!

Do I need a bank account for GoPass® Tap?
Nope, you don’t need a bank account to use GoPass® Tap. You can buy and reload cards using cash at hundreds of grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies in our retail network.

Where can I get a GoPass® Tap Card?
GoPass® Tap Cards are available at hundreds of grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies throughout the DART Service Area. Visit the GoPass® Tap website and click on the Find Retail Locations icon.

Where can I get customer service?
Our GoPass® Tap customer service team is available by phone at (214) 979-1111. Select the prompt regarding questions or concerns about your GoPass® Tap card and you may use our self-service phone system or ask to speak with an agent for assistance.

How much does a GoPass® Tap Card cost?
There is a $6 charge for new GoPass® Tap Card that also provides you with $6 to use throughout the DART transit system.

Do you still accept cash?
Yep. You can still use cash to buy select tickets and Day Passes on board buses and from ticket vending machines. You can also reload your GoPass® Tap Card using cash at any of the hundreds of conveniently located stores in our retail network.

Tapping / Paying Your Fare

Do I have to tap every time I board the bus or train?
Yes — tap your card on the GoPass® Tap reader every time you board a bus or train, including transfers. You won’t necessarily be charged every time you tap, but it validates your fare and serves as your proof of payment. Unlike other transit systems, you don’t have to tap off at your destination.

Do I have to “tap off” too?
Nope! We’ve tried to keep GoPass® Tap really simple. Remember to tap on every time you board — including transfers — but don’t worry about tapping off at your destination.

If I’m with my family or a group, can I pay for more than one riders’ fare with my card?
No. Like before, everyone in your group or family needs their own GoPass® Tap Card. However, you can easily manage multiple cards through one GoPass® Tap account on the GoPass® Tap website.

What do I do if the GoPass® Tap reader isn’t working?
In the rare case of a long power outage or if a reader gets vandalized, you may encounter an out-of-service GoPass® Tap reader. If you’re at a rail station, try tapping another reader (most stations have more than one, at opposite ends of the platform), or buy a paper ticket from the ticket machine. If you’re on a bus, the operator will let you know and give you further instructions as you board. Buses accept bills and coins (exact change only). By the way: we monitor the GoPass® Tap readers remotely to stay on top of any issues, but feel free to contact us at (214) 979-1111 to report a problem with a reader.

Reloading Your GoPass® Tap Card

How do I load money on my card?
There are three ways to load money on your GoPass® Tap Card:

  • At any of the hundreds of participating stores in our retail network
  • At the GoPass® Tap website
  • By calling (214) 979-1111 and selecting the GoPass® Tap Card prompt from the list.

Managing Your GoPass® Tap Cards

How do I report my card lost or stolen?
If you have a registered GoPass® Tap card and it’s ever lost or stolen, let us know immediately by logging in to your account and choosing “Report Lost or Stolen Card” on the GoPass® Tap website, or give us a call at (214) 979-1111. As long as you’ve registered your card and you report it lost or stolen, your money is safe. When you report your card it will be deactivated immediately, but your balance stays on your account.

How do I get my money back after my card was lost or stolen?
We can transfer your money to a replacement GoPass® Tap card. Pick up a new card at the store then give us a call at (214) 979-1111 and select the GoPass® Tap card option. Cards cost $6 each.

How do I check my card balance or the time remaining on my ticket or pass?
You can check your GoPass® Tap card balance on the GoPass® Tap website or by phone at (214) 979-1111 and selecting the GoPass® Tap card option.

Will GoPass® Tap remind me when my balance is getting low?
If your GoPass® Tap balance is low, you’ll see a yellow low balance warning on the reader screen after tapping.